AAT Level 4 Decision & Control (Mandatory)

This unit teaches students management accounting principles and concepts. Students will understand the nature and importance of different concepts such as cost behaviour, cost analysis, standard costing and contribution theory. They will know when each technique should be used to aid the planning and decision making of an organisation and the subsequent analysis for control purposes.

The Decision and Control unit is one of the four mandatory units within the AAT Professional DIploma course. 

This unit covers:

  • Analyse a range of costing techniques to support the management accounting function of an organisation
  • Calculate and use standard costing to improve performance
  • Demonstrate a range of statistical techniques to analyse business information
  • Use appropriate financial and non-financial performance techniques to aid decision making
  • Evaluate a range of cost management techniques to enhance value and aid decision making

Course Information

Live Online Course: 

  • January to March 2021

Course Length: 12 sessions