Business and Technology

The ACCA BT module introduces students to the business environment and organisational structure, as well as the role of the accounting function within a business. The paper also gives an overview of other management functions and ethics.

Whilst there are a lot of concepts introduced in this module, your knowledge is tested at quite a superficial level. Many students find AB the easiest of the Applied Knowledge papers. Many of the aspects of this syllabus are covered in more detail in later papers.

The key syllabus areas are:

  • Business organisation structure, governance, management and stakeholders
  • Environmental influences and constraints on business and accounting
  • History and role of accounting and other functions of a business
  • Specific functions of accounting and internal financial control including fraud prevention
  • Principles of leadership, management and motivation
  • Recruitment and development of effective employees

The ACCA BT exam is a two-hour computer based assessment. The pass mark is 50%.

Course Information

We offer an ACCA home study package that will comprise a detailed study plan, a text book and exam kit and most importantly, access to tutor support.

  • Home study course
  • 8 weeks
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