Advanced Financial Management

AFM requires you to apply relevant knowledge and skills and exercise professional judgement as expected of a senior financial executive or advisor.

The examiner expects candidates to display analytical and evaluative skills with clear and structured answers.

AFM explores areas studied in FM but at a more advanced level and considers problems relevant to the highest-level financial management of an organisation.

Key syllabus areas include:

  • Role and responsibility towards stakeholders
  • Economic environment for multinationals
  • Advanced investment appraisal
  • Acquisition and mergers
  • Corporate reconstruction and re-organisation
  • Treasury and advanced risk management techniques
  • Emerging issues in finance and financial management.

The AFM exam is a 3 hour computer based exam in two sections.

Section A worth 50 - 70 marks. Set in the form of a short case study or scenario expecting students to show a comprehensive understanding of issues from across the syllabus. Answers will be expected in the form of a short report or board memorandum.

Section B will comprise two compulsory questions between 15 and 25 marks. One question is normally wholly discursive.

Read through your FM materials, as this will be assumed knowledge.

Course Information

This ACCA live online course will comprise a teaching and revision phase culminating in a timed mock exam.

All course materials will be provided, including Textbook, Revision Kit and an Integrated Workbook.

Live Online Course

  • Teaching: 10 sessions
  • Revision: 8 sessions
  • Mock: marked with individual feedback


This is not currently timetabled, please email to request.