Corporate and Business Law (ENG)

LW gives students an understanding of the general legal framework in the UK and also covers specific areas of the law as they relate to business.

The key syllabus areas are:

  • Structure and essential elements of the legal system
  • The law of obligations
  • Employment law
  • Formation and constitution of business organisations
  • Capital and financing of companies
  • Management, administration and regulation of companies
  • Legal implications of companies involved in difficulty or crisis
  • Governance and ethical issues relating to business

The LW exam is a two-hour computer based assessment. The pass mark is 50%.

  • Section A consists of objective test questions 20 x 2 mark  and 10 x 1 mark questions.
  • Section B consists of 5 x 6 mark multi-task questions

In section B you will be required to support your analysis by referring to case law and examples. There is no need to detail the facts of the case as it is the point of law that the case establishes that is important. However, summary knowledge of the case does help identify the correct answer as some scenario questions are based on well known cases. It is not necessary to quote section numbers of Acts.

Course Information

This ACCA live online course will comprise an integrated teaching and revision phase culminating in a timed mock exam.

All course materials will be provided, including Textbook, Revision Kit and an Integrated Workbook.

  •  Live online: 10 sessions