12 Hour Exam Countdown


The Christmas countdown has begun but for ACCA students, everything’s on hold until exam week is over.  Work is busy, your home life is hectic but at least your social life is on hold courtesy of the new government tiers.  So how do you prioritise those remaining precious few hours of study before the big day?


Here is our OLO 12 hour exam countdown:

 Hours 1 to 3:

Do a CBE on the ACCA website.  Practice your time allocation and force yourself to attempt an exam without looking at your course notes.  Get familiar with the Pearson Vue software so that you know what you’ll be facing.

 Hour 4

Review your mock.  This may seem like a long time to spend checking your answers.  For any areas where you went wrong, add them to your “error list” and then return to your study notes to check your knowledge or rework through the question again with the benefit of having seen the answer.  A rule of thumb is to spend at least a third of the exam time reviewing your answer as we all learn from our mistakes.  It’s also good to check those MCQs that you had a lucky guess at.

 Hour 5

For AS students, spend an hour doing MCQs from any area of the syllabus that you might be struggling with, or simply do a medley of questions.  For SP students, spend this time reading through those Technical Articles from the ACCA website that you’ve been putting off since your tutor recommended them.

 Hour 6

Choose your best topic and attempt a long-form question or two to attempt.  This may seem counter-productive, but it’s good to remember what you are good at, as well as spending time on your weaker areas.  Some students often neglect their strengths at the expense of focussing on the tough parts.

 Hour 7

Get some fresh air.  This might sound basic, but time spent outdoors will give you more oxygen which in turn increases serotonin in the brain (the happy hormone).  It will also increase your energy, sharpen your mind and improve your concentration skills.

 Hour 8

Now you’ve lifted your morale with fresh air and excelling in an hour of questions, do the same for those areas that you hate and inevitably avoid.  It might be spending an hour doing all the written parts of questions that you convince yourself you can do as you gloss over the answers!

 Hours 9 – 11

Spend these hours doing questions to time.  Look at the mark allocation and write down precisely how long you have to do each question.  This is all basic, but the number of students who fail due to poor time management is alarming.

 Hour 12

Relax! Yes, although it seems inefficient to stop studying, it’s essential to spend some time away from the books and allow your brain to unwind.  Having a calmer, clearer mind will aid positive thinking and concentration. 

 And now all that’s left is for you to sit the exam and pass!