Top 10 Tips for sitting Remote Exams


We asked OLO ACCA students, who've now had experience of 3 Remote Invigilation exam sittings, to give some practical tips to help you on exam day.  Nothing beats some first hand advice from those who've actually sat these exams.

Here are their top 10 tips:


1.  Be Prepared

“As soon as you start the exam check in process be prepared to start (you can’t leave your allocated room or have anyone come into the room)”.

2.  Being watched

“Don't expect to see or communicate with the invigilator. They may be able to start your exam without asking any questions and if they do have any questions, they will just type in a chat box”.

 3.  Your mouth

“Resist covering your mouth with your hands at any point, even if it is a habit”. 

 4.  Looking around

“Try not to look away from your screen for any length of time when concentrating – the invigilator may believe you're looking at something”.

 5.  Drinking

“Definitely don't drink too much beforehand, assuming the ACCA are going to allow just one five minute toilet break again!”

 6.  Noisy neighbours

“Tell your neighbours that you’re sitting an exam so they keep the noise down”.

 7.  Glass rooms

“I was not allowed to sit my exam in a glass room because it's half glass like a conservatory. I called the helpline and they said even with blinds or curtains it wouldn't be allowed”. 

 8.  Scratchpad

“The scratchpad retains what is written on it and makes it visible for all questions. If anyone has anything that they've crammed before the exam to remember, it might be worth taking a minute at the very beginning to write it on the scratchpad to avoid forgetting it”.

 9.  Finishing

“If you finish with time to spare and have completed a review of all answers you don't need to tell the invigilator you are leaving, you can just click the button to finish the exam and off you go!”

 10.  Your Nan calling

“My house phone bleeps every 30 seconds when a message is left and my nan, bless her, called to say good luck 10 minutes into my exam.  So I could hear that in the background for the whole exam! (On the last one I unplugged it!)”.